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Published on June 5, 2018

Easy to use and carry, Cordless sewing tool for both travel and Household, and fulfills your various sewing requirements in daily life.
This sewing machine is simple to operate, Is a convenient practical quick stitch tool.You can sewing curtains while on the rod, or hanging wall, etc.
Can be used silks, light denim, wool, leather and crafts, silk, toy crafts, thin curtains.
This sewing machine needs four AA batteries or DC 6V power adaptor (are not included).
Just give a little instruction to around 12 years of age, he can use this machine to sew small clothes, etc., is not only a toy, but also a good partner to train children’s work habits and train sewing skills.
Put cloth:
lift the pressure plate with the index finger of your right hand, smooth the fabric ready to be sewn and put it under the press plate, and gently put it back to the pressure plate to press the fabric.

Sewing operations:
hold the fabric with his left hand, right hand thumb gently quickly under pressure, feeding mechanism of automatic seam will be left out. Hold the right hand does not move, let the machine himself into the cloth, cloth in the direction of the left hand control retention suture line, until the end of the function of automatic sewing, cloth feeding and adjusting pin between elastic.

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