2 pieces of Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer Cutter



Product Description

Everyone loves summer fruits – especially Watermelon – however the strain and the mess it produces usually forces us to leave it off our weekly shopping list… NOT ANYMORE!┬áThe Watermelon Corer/Slicer and server tongs now makes it easy and simple to slice and serve those much wanted summer fruits. PRODUCT INFO: – 3-in-1 Server, Corer and Slicer – Safe for Kids – Stylish Stainless Steel comfortable cutter – Elite premium product for the modern home – Complete, durable and improved – dual purpose – dishwasher safe – slice right Rounded Edges – Pro comfortable product GREAT FOR THE FOLLOWING FRUITS: – **WATERMELON** – CANTELOUPES – HONEYDEWS – CALABASAS


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