Product Description

Abs Trainer & Sculptor: delivers a simple and convenient way to target your upper body and core – all with one device.
The innovative design and patented shape make it easy to move from crunch to pushup (or dip) with one flip.
workout with your favorite ‘push’ workout to achieve muscular balance and symmetry. The Ab Crunch was designed with efficiency and simplicity in mind.
It contains no moving pieces or parts to get in between you and a great workout.

? Helps eliminate neck and back strain during workouts
? Puts body in a natural position to effectively work upper and lower abs at once
? Work off pounds and inches in just minutes a day
? Crunch movement isolates and tones your abs
? Cushioned headrest helps reduce stress on neck

List of some of the exercises and benefits that can be performed:

? Basic Crunch
? Reverse Crunch
? Total Crunch
? Oblique Crunch
? Advanced Bicycling
? Advanced Leg Lifts


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