Contixo Kids 7 Tablet


The Contixo Kids 7 inch tablet provides plenty of configuration options for parents, restricting children to a preset group of apps.


Product Description

Kids Apps
20+ FREE action games, adventure games, and educational apps to entertain children for hours! Kids will have all the entertainment they need, choose from the apps and games, the selection is perfect for children of any age. Follow the quick-start guide to quickly install the apps and setup parental control.

Google Play Store Pre-installed
Download thousands of entertainment and educational apps that will aid in your child’s learning of math, science, history reading and more. Get your child the tablet that is not only fun and easy to use, but also practical!

Features Include
Custom home screen display; set wallpapers and place most used apps
Set preferences to prevent buying or downloading new apps; and making in-app purchases
Timer feature to locks tablet after specific amount of time
Supports multiple user profiles
Disable all wireless signals
Restart apps if accidentally closed


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