Cupcake Secret Maker Silicone Mould



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Secret Cupcake Maker Silicone Mould

Everyone loves Cupcakes but sometimes they can get a little boring.  Cupcake Secret will put an end to boring cupcakes!  Cupcake Secret is a specially designed cupcake pan that gives you two ways to hide treats in your cupcakes!  Cupcake Secret’s hiding posts allow you to place your favourite treat in the middle of your cupcake or you can use the bake-in surprise cups to create a small space to put delicious treats and then hide with icing, whipped cream, and more.

Fun and easy to use, Cupcake Secret bakeware is made of non-stick silicone and is dishwasher safe.  Includes Cupcake Secret Pan, Hiding Posts, and Surprise Cups.


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