HandHeld Air Conditioner Cooling Fan


  • Our cooling fan utilizes a 30db whisper-soft turbine system. The perfect desk fan for the office or Outdoor Living.
  • 90 degree vertical airflow control. Flat bottom surfaces allows easy transformation from a hand held fan to a desk fan.
  • Blows a cool breeze on you where ever you go.

Product Description

Combines water evaporation with fan: works as an air conditioner as well as a humidifier. 1.Easy to use: put the soaked sponge into the cooler body, insert batteries or connect USB port, and it begins to work. 2. working modes: cooling & fan mode and fan mode (take the sponge away when you don’t need the cooling function). 3 .power supply choices: 4 x AA batteries, USB port, and power adapter. (batteries and adapters Not included but You get a free power bank) 4. Comes with a high quality reusable sponge. 5. 90 degree vertical airflow control for optimal wind blowing. 6. Fan speed adjustable. 7. Cute and lightweight, easy to carry. 8. 30°F reduction is possible. Enjoy breeze and moisture of spring anytime anywhere


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