Universal car phone holder



Product Description

Ensure your safety while driving. Give your hands a rest and let your phone relax in our Universal Car dash and windshield Mount holder for your SmartPhone, GPS, MP3 and more. Its small but sturdy structure makes it the perfect mount for everywhere in your car, home or office with its easy to use mounting system. You can mount it anywhere, its extra-large suction cup stays secure and guarantees it won’t budge at any angle. This versatile, high quality, universal cell phone holder/cradle ensures that your loved ones are always within reach. All Marson Products come with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

1. Easy&Fast to install and uninstall without any tools
2. Adjustable 360 degree for quick portrait and landscape view
3. Strong-hold. Soft cushion grip hugs your phone tightly and securely
4. Scratch resistant and shockproof design.


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